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What is leak detection? Sometimes, your pipes may be leaking and this may undermine the integrity of your structure. You may see water pooling at a certain point, but that doesn’t signify that is the exact source of the leak. We collaborate with experienced plumbers that use top-notch detectors to expose uncovered water leak. Due to these advanced tools, the plumber can pinpoint the exact source that the leak may be coming from with high accuracy.
Once you call us, we will contact the nearest leak detector plumber to come at your property and inspect the leak. Surely they are specialized in non-destructive leak detection so will not damage the walls or floor.

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After detecting the source of the leak he will go-ahead to carry out the repairs. In case the pipes are too worn out, the plumber will advise you to install new pipes. And if you agree he can replace your plumbing system and pipes. Remember that you need to take care of leak problems as soon as they show up. They may severely damage your walls and foundation. Leaks may also encourage the growth of moulds which can lead to the development of severe respiratory diseases that may damage to your entire family. When you will have leak detection, call us.

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