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Water heater repair Bristol
water heater plumbing Bristol

In fact nobody likes taking a cold shower especially early in the morning, late at night or during cold weather. We repair any water heater to ensure that your home is running well once again.

The following are the issues we help fix:

  • Tightening the hot water outlets and cold inlet pipes that may cause the heater to leak at the top.
  • Fixing electrical heating elements that may cause the equipment to leak from the bottom.
  • Fixing a broken circuit breaker that may have tripped, leading to lack of hot water supply. A tripped thermostat may also lead no hot water supply.
  • A broken thermostat may lead to a decrease in the amount of hot water supply. Other problems that may lead to fluctuation of hot water supply are loose wiring, a small water tank that may cause the system to heat the water too frequently.
  • Water that is extremely hot may also mean that your thermostat is problematic.
  • If your heating elements have issues, you may experience a delay in the amount of time it takes to get the water hot. Another thing that may lead to your water heater taking too long to heat water is sediment build up.

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